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Meet the Doctors



Dr. Rachel is a 2nd generation chiropractor with a passion for family wellness. She received her chiropractic education at Life University and her undergraduate degree at DePaul University in Chicago, and has been practicing since 2012. Dr. Rachel has had two beautiful water births at home and feels strongly that women should have the birth that leaves them feeling empowered. Her favorite thing is an office full of fun, energetic kids. 


ARC was borne to fill the need in Atlanta for a different kind of chiropractic. As a mom, Dr. Rachel understands that time is valuable and she makes recommendations and creates protocols that respect busy families' lives while maintaining the integrity of true corrective care.

Dr. Rachel enjoys speaking events and loves to educate her community. She has guest-lectured at her Alma Mater and frequently does educational events at corporate offices. To book an event, please call or email the office.

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