Born in India and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Abha comes from a family of advocates that strongly believe in allowing our bodies to heal as naturally and holistically as possible, with an even stronger emphasis on proper nutrition. Pursuing a career in Chiropractic medicine due to this exposure was the obvious choice for her.

Dr. Abha has extensive training in multiple chiropractic techniques including activator analysis, full spine, use of drop tables and extremity adjusting. Her speciality focuses on family wellness, pre & post natal care, sport related injuries and rehabilitation. Dr. Abha is Websters Certified and Graston Certified. Since giving birth last year to her son, Dr. Abha has become extremely passionate about pre & post-natal care for moms and babies. She especially loves educating and empowering mommas! Dr. Abha strives in providing wholesome chiropractic care, focusing on eliminating pain and discomfort while optimizing function. She loves educating on benefits of a happy and healthy lifestyle for the whole family! 

Dr. Abha pursued undergraduate education in Life Sciences and Nutritional Sciences. She further completed her chiropractic education at Life University in 2012 and has had the opportunity to serve many patients in Manhattan, New York and Atlanta, Georgia ever since. 

Currently, Dr. Abha lives in Sandy Springs with her husband, Amit, and son, Arvin (13 months), and a Shihtszu / Bischon fluff ball, Lilly. 


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